> How do I get to Mandrea Music Festival?

Whether you are travelling by plane, train, automobile or on foot... we've got all the travel details you need on our Travel Info page.

> Is there a shuttle bus from Riva Del Garda?

Yes, you can to catch a shuttle bus from Riva del Garda bus station direct to the site, our timetable and travel information can be found on our travel page.

> When can I arrive and when do I have to leave?

The campsite is open to Festival ticket holders on Tuesday 14th August at 14.00 and will close at 14.00 on Monday 20th August 2018 - Please note, you are only able to enter during gate opening times.

> How much is the car parking?

Car parking is available onsite and it's free outside the camping area. If you are camping with us and would like to park your car in the campsite, you can purchase a 'CAR BY TENT' pass on our tickets page (under "Car by tent camping").

> Who is playing at Mandrea Music Festival this year?

Please visit our Line Up page for a full run down of this year's amazing acts!

> I would like to know which day each act is playing. How do I find out?

The timetable for the lineup will be available soon!

> Are there showers on site?

Yes, there are cold showers available onsite from the mountain source. We have also introduced hot showers, book at the information tent or CASSA.

> Are there cashpoints?

There are no cash points on the festival site. The nearest are in the local towns of Arco (bottom of the mountain) or Riva (by shuttle bus).

> Is there phone charging available on site?

Yes, you are be able to charge your phone at the Information Tent for a small fee, please remember to bring your charger.

> Is there drinking water on site?

There are 2 water points for free clean drinking water not far from the campsites, please bring a refillable container. You can also purchase water at any of the bars throughout the site.

> Will there be enough toilets? Are the toilets clean?

We take our festival facilities very seriously and we will have more than enough toilets available in the best possible areas and our toilets are cleaned daily. We ask that you please respect the mountain and do not use the woods for your ablutions!

> What about the rubbish?

We ask you to kindly to respect our precious mountain by making sure you deposit your rubbish in the correct bin provided. This year we have increased the number of bins and every year we encourage everyone to look after the land... All land!

> Can I bring my pet?

No pets or animals are allowed onsite with the exception of registered guide dogs.

> If I leave Mandrea Music Festival can I get back in?

Festival goers are able to come and go as they please during their stay at Mandrea, provided they have a valid entry bracelet. If you choose to stay outside the site, there are no re-entry restrictions however, please make sure you do so within the gate opening times.

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