There is onsite camping in the surrounding meadows and depending on how early you arrive, you will be able to place your tent in one of the many shady spots under a tree for late morning sleep ;)

Family camping is also available just a short walk away from the main party and camping area but still onsite. Perfect if you want quiet nights for the kids or yourself.

Mountain spring water for a reinvigorating cold shower when the weather is 30 degrees at 10 in the morning.

Free drinking water and showering is available a short walk from the camp site. Bring your own bottle/necessities and please remember water is very precious so use sparingly! :)

Unfortunately, the Local Law doesn’t allow fires on the camp site. No fire or electrical equipment is allowed on the camping site.

No glass bottles allowed either.


Book in advance your Campervan pass on our ticket page!



If you would like to have your car parked by your tent, you can  book a car+tent pass on our ticket page.



For a unique experience we have a limited number of tepees, canvas tents and yurts. available for groups.

Included are the following:

  • Cordoned off area with private toilets
  • Self inflating mattresses
  • Waterproof flooring

You will need to bring your own sleeping necessities

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2-4 Person Canvas Tent €3004-6 Person Canvas Tent €4006-8 Person Canvas Tent €5004-6 Person Yurt €6006-8 Person Yurt €7008-10 Person Yurt €8002 Person Tipi €3803-4 Person Tipi €5006-8 Person Tipi €650

Tell us how many are in your group and if you have any questions, we'll respond shortly.