Mandrea Music Festival is not just about the music! Due to our unique setting in the foothills of the Dolomites on the edge of Lake Garda, you won’t run out of things to do. From extreme sports and wild hikes to hilltop restaurants to chilling by pristine lakes.

> Workshops

All workshops are free of charge and good for both adults and children.

The FREE DANCE experience

Untamed self-expression - tension release, ecstatic dance and movement meditation. Free Dance is an opportunity for joyful unedited self-expression. No judgement, no being judged, no right, no wrong, just a 2-hour burst of relaxation and then endorphin energy! The sessions are inspired by several dance meditation maps including Gabrielle Roth's '5 Rhythms' and the 'Dancing Freedom' format, following 'waves' of music that warm up through the body to a vigorous high point of complete abandon, to then warm down again via more subtle poetic movements to a final meditative point of stillness. The class begins with Joan Skinner's 'Skinner Releasing Technique' using visualisation, guided movement meditation and partner work to release excess tension before taking the body into a wave of movement. Participants have reported that this combination of techniques develops their confidence, provides tension and stress release, facilitates their creative process and hones their ability to actively listen to their bodies. Finding true and authentic self-expression is at the heart of this new practice. Allowing your wild and untamed side to find it's time and place in your daily routines is a key element to mental and physical wellbeing, this class provides an opportunity and tools to help develop and realize this. We welcome all levels of fitness. Suitable for 18+ What to Bring: Loose clothes, water and a blanket.


We will be running two workshops, one for absolute beginners to all aerial arts and one for beginners and intermediate. The beginners aerial course will be on a cocoon or a hammock structure, which is like a soft trapeze. This will facilitate your learning and strength building. You will be introduced to being upside down and the feeling of the fabrics wrapping around your body. As well as teaching you the basic starting points, the cocoon allows you to do some moves that look and feel great. For ages 12 - 90 Please bring fitting clothing that covers your stomach and arm pits and a water bottle. This class will be on the full silks, hanging from a tree in the idilic setting that is Mandrea Festival. We will work with some technique to learn some new moves and do a study on transitions. If you have material you would like to bring and work on, please do. Basic strength and skills to climb the silks and lift into hip lock. Ages 12 - 90. Fitting clothing and a water bottle. Participation will be at your own risk.


Acroyoga is a physical practice which combines yoga and acrobatics. Acroyoga has its roots in the beginning of the century, being developed by practitioners since then. One of the oldest videos of someone doing Acro Yoga is with Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, practicing the role of the base, while a child executed some asanas in 1938. From that time until today, Acro Yoga has gained some new movements, and is still changing. Nowadays, Acro Yoga has different styles, all with the same root. There are Acro Yoga mixed with dance, Thai massage, calisthenics, Yoga and so on. Acro Yoga may provide physical and mental health benefits. In addition to the exercise and strength building aspects of Acro Yoga the partner balancing can improve concentration and the massage elements can provide stress relief. However Acroyoga is more vigorous than many traditional yoga practices and this may lead to more injuries.

> Mountain Biking & Hiking

Enjoy the many hiking trails around the site giving you spectacular views. You can rent bicycles and organize guided tours. Discover Arco and Riva del Garda at the foot of the mountain or San Giovanni further up!

If you would like to rent a bike click here

You can find routes and trails here

> Rock Climbing and Canyoning

Thanks to the amazing surroundings at Mandrea it's possible to do many outdoor activities! If you are an expert  or a beginner free-climber, bring your equipment!

The site of the Festival is surrounded by amazing rock walls where you can practice or learn Free Climbing with the supervision and help of Massimo Faletti, Alpine Guide and Climbing teacher. The lessons are available only by booking in advance and cost 10€ per hours, per person. From 5 years of age.

An adventure park is on spot to give pure emotions, great for both adults and children (from 5 years of age), it's free and you don't need to book in advance. Open Friday and  Satrday afternoon from 4pm to 6pm with the help and supervision of an alpine guide.

We also offer guided tours for Canyoning, available by booking in advance (booking option coming soon). For adults and over 12 years old. You need to be a good swimmer.

> Market

Our mini marketplace gets richer every year, teeming with hand crafted artisan stalls; from African art & clothing to South American jewellery, spanning continents you will surely find something to delight your senses!

If you are a vendor and would like to apply to the Festival, please fill in the contact form here

> Local Area

Lake Garda is MASSIVE! Come and see it!!! Jokes apart below is the text book stuff:


'Lake Garda is the largest and grandest in Italy. Its wider part to the south, is surrounded by morainic hills that were left following the glacier recession, while the narrow northern part (where Mandrea Festival takes place) is enclosed by the mountains that create its fjord-shape and provide the very mild Mediterranean climate.'


The luminous environment, temperate climate, and flourishing vegetation - mainly olive and lemon groves, palms, cypresses, oleanders and orange trees - along with the majestic landscapes are the background to the remarkable historical and cultural remains spread all around and make this lake the most charming in Italy.

More tour guide stuff..... :)


Arco is the Festival hometown. It is faced on one side by sheer limestone cliffs jutting up like a wall protecting it and its ancient hilltop castle. Together with the lake, one of the characteristic elements of the Garda Trentino landscape is the rock of Arco, dominating the plain of the River Sarca at the point where it widens. Three paths lead to the castle, which was the residence of the Arco Counts in the Middle Ages; they all leave the village and wind through the olive groves in the hills to reach the castle in a few minutes.


Believe it or not, Nietzsche used to come on holiday here in Riva del Garda. Today, travellers can explore mediaeval fortresses and the town’s historic centre. Or, just relax on the beach and swim in the lake


With its characteristic rounded shape, Lake Tenno a biotope and is ideal for bathing. The lake and its island are surrounded by woods, creating a wonderfully romantic landscape. Its rounded shape was the result of a landslide, which took place around the year 1100.  The Lake also features an island. When waters of the lake are low, a second island surface too. This is known as the "Isola dell'86" and got its name from the year it first came to light