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Online ticket sales are now closed.

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We take some measures to make sure that fraud is minimised.

Without your billing information we may not be able to check you in, so make sure to bring your QR Code with you, along with your ID.

If you are purchasing for a group of people, you will still just receive one email with a unique serial number and barcode (representing all the tickets you purchased) – we do not do separate tickets for a group purchase).

All ticket holders should bring ID with them to the entrance.

Children under 12 years old and accompanied by an adult ticket holder have free entrance and do not require a ticket.

All tickets are non-refundable.

All timetables are subject to change.


- No pets (except for registered guide dogs)
- No glass bottles or cans
- No open fires or gas cylinders
- No littering
- No access to areas enclosed by protective barriers
- No access to campsite for non-campers
- The management reserve the right to refuse entry or remove any individual who fails to comply with our rules

Buy American Diazepam


11 - 14 July 2019

Online ticket sales for Mandrea Music Festival 2019 have finished!
Tickets will be for sale at the festival entrance but subject to availability. Check back soon for Super Early Bird tickets to the next one!
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Valium Cheapest Price

Children under 12 years old and accompanied by an adult ticket holder have free entrance and do not require a ticket. One day passes are not available online.

All prices in EUROS (€)

Valium Rx Online