Shanti Powa Orchestra

Shanti Powa was founded in 2010 by Bertrand Rise and Michael Monteleone.. As a crew of 2 singers, 1 rapper and 1 Turntablist they where from the beginning writing their own songs, continuously playing around the country and organising music events and festivals. In summer 2012 the band expanded to 15 musicians from all over Italy. Since than the band now called “Shanti Powa Orchestra” played already in many music festivals and events in Italy, but also outside such as at the Overjam International Reggae Festival in Slovenia. During several tours the band has shared the stage with big names such as Dub Fx, Shaggy, Luciano, The Gladiators, Talco, Blumentopf and many more. In September 2014 Shanti Powa released their first studio album called “The Orchestra”. The music they produce is a crossover between Reggae, Dancehall, Rap, Rock and Ska/Punk and the lyrics in Italian, German and English. A Shanti Powa Orchestra live show is a very unique experience due to their strong and positive appearance and their innovative music, which makes people not only move, but also think, because every song of Shanti Powa includes a message.

Palco: L'Anfiteatro

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